Twitter Hacked: Biggest Attack In The History Of Social Media

On 16 July 2020, the tech giant Twitter witnessed the greatest cyber attack in the history of social media. To add to the extremity of the attack, “verified accounts” were compromised which included the biggest political and entertainment handles of the United States with millions of followers. These included accounts of former US President Barack Obama, tech chiefs Bill Gates, […]

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Two New Revolutionary Medical Methods

In this era, a new technological reform is introduced every single day, making millions of lives easy. The medical science has also adopted various technological innovations, increasing the success rate in critical cases. Some of them have proved to be revolutionary methods in the medical field. With the advancement of medical science, various diseases are […]

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Why Chinese Apps Banned in India?

Chinese tech giants have seen numerous allegations regarding how they store users’ data they collect. This week the Indian Government banned 59 Chinese smartphone applications, including social media platforms TikTok, WeChat and Helo. According to the government, experts reported that data of Indian users is transferred abroad without authorization.The Indian Government’s decision of banning 59 Chinese apps came against the skirmish occurred […]

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The Lamphone Attack

We have the perception of “hacking” as a practice of compromising “smart” devices. What else hackers could use to breach your privacy and spy on you? It’s valid to worry about vulnerabilities in your smart devices. But what if a hacker uses a “dumb” household essential found in every room- a light bulb? Found in every room, […]

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Magecart Hackers

E-commerce is growing at an unprecedented rate all over the world, with a tremendous increase in online buyers every year. Some notorious cybercrimes accompany e-commerce’s sprawl across the globe. The Magecart attackers with malicious intentions, hijack the payment portals of e-commerce websites, gathering payment credentials of buyers. One such infamous syndicate of cyber attackers, targeting […]

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Safety Gadgets for Kids in 2020

In today’s time, where the crime rate against children is soaring, parents’ worry about their children is valid. Unlike earlier times, access to the internet has become much easier for children, exposing them to explicit or harmful content. Experts have come up with safety gadgets backed up with the latest technology. A couple of them […]

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